Sunday, June 21, 2009

What A Bargain!!!

OK, while doing my weekend shopping, I came across a buggy of sale items.

Please LOOK at that price, people.

Now, if this were not my FAVORITE brand of wine, I probably wouldn't have thought that much about it. BUT, it is, and it is GREAT!

Normally, $8.99 a bottle, on sale for $4.24.
Dave would definitely approve!

I will admit this isn't my favorite kind, I am partial to blush, myself, but for the price, I will take it. SOLD!!!
If you haven't tried Duplin wines then you simply must!!

PS. Sherri, I know what you are thinking but it was the FL on 119, and I got every bottle in the buggy.
Stop it, there were only 3.


  1. Sherry????????? What do you think about a friend who would buy it ALL???????????

  2. oh my word! do you have an envelope marked "duplin"? i wondered what they did with that wine if it didn't sell and i'll tell you one thing if you see carolina red for that price you had better call me!