Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NC History Lesson

Today, I thought I wo
uld give you a mental picture of where the River, (that we vacate to on occasion), actually is. Here in the wonderful state of NC, down toward the east end, there is a historical town of Bath.

Bath, is actually one of the haunts of Blackbeard, the legendary Pirate. It is said that he married a local girl from Bath. It is also the oldest town in NC. It is really a pretty little town, lots of old houses and the waterfront is absolutely gorgeous.

But, of course, keeping with reality, our little house is on the other side of the river. Kind of like the kid from across the tracks. If you know what I mean. But while it is not the grandest of homes, it is just right for us. We can see the water from our window, but we have trees right beside us, kind of like being back in the woods

Anyway, we are also very close to the Aurora Phosphate Mines. This is a huge mining operation that is one of the ma
in sources of income for most of the county. It is really an interesting mine, it has provided the Smithsonian with a lot of fossils from prehistoric sharks and ocean life. In Aurora, there is a fossil museum where you can see many of the fossils found in the mine. It really is neat!

*The Phosphate Mine.

daughter is one of the best sharks teeth finders you can imagine, she has found a fossil of a sharks tooth that was as big as the palm of her hand. I can search for hours and find what looks like a cat tooth. I'm not quite so lucky. I have some pictures of the Phosphate Mine, and a bad picture of Bath, because we were all the way on the other side, and I couldn't really focus on it. It was probably the heat, or maybe not. Anyway, it is really pretty.

There are a lot of little places where you can beach your boat and just relax. We did that too, that was nice because it gave us the chance to get in the water. We had just been fishing and seen a school of skates, so please believe that I was only getting like knee deep. And I like to be able to see the bottom, because I have seen porpoises, snakes, skates, and I have heard stories of alligators. But, I've never seen those, but they are always in the back of my mind. Beaufort County is also home to black bears. I have never seen one of those either, but people in our development have told stories of both bears and gators.

If I were to ever encounter such an animal then you would definitely be hearing about that one!

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