Monday, June 29, 2009

The Little Girl

This is another one of my daughters stories written in one of her classes.
I was asking her why her stories seem to be, ummm, well, troubled. Her answer was "Mom, it was a really, boring class." So there you have it.
Here's the latest story.

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was always sad because her dad was an alcoholic and her mother did drugs. She didn't get to go to school because her dad wouldn't let her. So she didn't know how to read.
One time she tried to run away, but when her dad found out he would beat her until she passed out. She would wake up with bruises all over her. When she tried to tell her mom, she wouldn't do anything because she was scared of him too. Sometimes people would see bruises, but they didn't do anything. Then one day her mother died, and it made her dad even meaner. He gave her black eyes and one time he broke her arm. So one day the girl got tired of it and she ran away. She stole some of her dads money and left. She stopped at a store and bought food and matches. She lived in the woods, in a tree. Then one day she got a letter from her father. It said that if he could find her he'd make sure she got hurt or killed. The girl didn't know what to do, but then she saw a police car drive by and she ran up to it. She showed them the letter and they arrested her dad. He was hanged. So from then on she was safe and she went to live with her aunt. The end.

OK, here we go again.
Same disclosure, no drugs at our house, and dad isn't an alcoholic, nor does he beat her.
I like my wine, but not more than my kids! Plus, believe me when I say, I am not afraid of him! You did see my mothers day post didn't you. Also, I was a little wary of even putting this up because it may have some people thinking we are bad parents but, if you know me then you know I am not. And if you don't know me ask around, you'll see.

Thoughts on this story.
Why is it always the mom who is on drugs? Men do drugs.
I noticed no one has names in this story. Just mom and dad, and little girl.
Something about these stories are starting to depress me, can't mom just take the little girl and start over somewhere? Did she have to die?

I love my kids!

I love that she went to live in a tree in the woods. Brian's winter. A book she had to read in 4th grade where the little boy was in a plane crash in the Canadian mountains and he had to survive alone in the woods. He lived in a tree. She has threatened to run away and live in the woods, but that was because I was going to make her wear a dress. No bruises involved!
What I really love is that she gets tree mail, just like on Survivor!
The woods must also be near a pretty busy highway to flag down a policeman like that. She is a lucky girl!

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