Friday, June 12, 2009

Captain Tory!

Another Story from my daughters classwork.

There once was a man named Tory and he was the Captain of the Pearl Harbor. He built it when he was a kid. When he was building it he lost one of his legs from birds pecking it off. So he had to whittle a leg out of a tree.
Captain Tory was a hobo, so he had to live in Pearl Harbor. Sometimes he would get lost in it because it was so big. When he got older he went to war with the Pearl Harbor. He got people to fight with him. They fought many times over many battles. Then one day Captain Troy woke up getting ready to fight, but he couldn't find his leg. He started hopping around looking for it everywhere. Then accidentally, he fell down some of the stairs and started rolling until he hit something and fell in the water. One of his crew pulled him out by his leg because he was about to drown. Then, all of a sudden, they heard a gunshot. It hit Captain Tory in his arm. All of his men started running out getting ready for war. Captain Tory hopped up getting ready to fire. People were shooting cannon balls all over the place, and one knocked somebodys head off. Then all of a sudden someone shot a firecracker at the boat and it blew up. It killed Captain Troy and all of his crew. Nobody could ever find his leg.

Here is another story from my wonderfully imaginative daughter. Just a few of my thoughts on this story.
Tory? I don't know where she came up with that name.
Now, we have a very close friend who only has one leg, but it's not wooden. That must be from all those Pirates of the Carribean movies.
Pearl Harbor, that name must have stuck out from a previous history class. Also relates to Pirates of the Carribean movie, only that was the Black Pearl.
The man who got his head knocked off with the cannon ball? I really don't remember the name of the movie that was from, but I know I saw it on a movie!
Final note, Captain Tory was a hobo. If you ask my kids what they are going to be when they grow up, this is always the first answer that comes out of their mouth. What good parenting skills I must have.

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