Friday, March 13, 2009

Glasses or Contacts?

Recently, my daughter CC came home from school telling me that she was having a hard time reading the board. I calmly asked her if she was just might need to move to the front of the class, but she knowingly told me she had tried that and if the teacher wouldn't use a green (light green) marker on the dry erase board, then she would probably be able to see it.
Keep in mind that she is 14, and she plays basketball, and she knows way more than you and I could ever know. Don't all kids. So anyway, I called and made her an appointment at the eye Dr., like any responsible, caring, parent. As we pull into the parking lot, I was tal
king about getting glasses. I have glasses, so I really didn't think the thought of glasses was any big deal. WRONG!!! She quickly informed me she just couldn't get glasses. So how are you going to see the board? Sounded like a reasonable question to me. Contacts, she says. Contacts, I was in my 20's before I got my contacts and I still am not very good at putting them in. I know I should be since that was at least 10 years ago. Hee, Hee!!! Anyway, I just thought oh, once she sees she can get cute glasses then she'll forget all about the contacts. So the exam continues, and sure enough she is near sited. She needs glasses, when she gives me the look (you know the look) I ask the Dr. about contacts. Due to her age and the fact that she only really needs them to see things far away, he wouldn't really suggest contacts as they could make her eyes worse, faster. So, refusing to hear what the Doctor is saying, she asks (begs) for the contacts. I say, Well, you have to have glasses anyway to wear if you get an eye infection so let's pick a pair out.
We sit down at the table and look at all the marvelous, fashionable eye glasses. The lady helping us is so kind and patient. She obviously has children. I am only trying to make the best of a bad situation here, so I am joking around, trying to lighten the mood, because CC is sulking like a big fat baby. The lady brings over a pair of glasses, very nice looking glasses, apparently they are what all the kids are wearing these days. We ask CC to try them on. Her idea of trying them on was putting them on and pulling them off (at the speed of lightning). I try to tell her to just look in the mirror with them on, they really are cute. I make a cute, funny comment. Then it hap
pens. She starts crying. Her face gets all red, and splotchy, and she is crying. I try to again lighten the mood, and the nice lady helping proceeds to tell me, that I am not really helping. BAMMM, did anyone see the truck that just hit me??
Hello, I wasn't trying to make her cry. I try not to make a habit of torturing my kids, I save that for special occasions and holidays. Anyway, eventually, we did pick out some glasses. And they are truly cute. She even wears them. Now, she
does wear her contacts to school everyday, but when she gets home she takes them out. At night watching TV sometime she will put them on. ADORABLE!!!!
They are so cute th
at when I get my eyes checked next time I want glasses just like hers.

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