Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Pics from the weekend!

I wasn't able to put all of my pictures on the other day so here are a few more. This is me and my husband with my wonderful nephew and his girlfriend. (I am also the one in the white shirt) Just look at how my husband looks in the background. Goofball!! He was suppose to be an actual part of the picture, I am not sure why he looks so goofy. He would kill me if he knew this were on the internet. HA HA !!!!!!!
I wanted to put one more picture on with my mom and B & L.
* On a side note the dogs name is Lola. She's just a little camera shy on this photo.


  1. I love seeing family photos! My family HATES for me to put them on my blog so I rarely do ... but I love seeing everybody else's families! : )