Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Who out there has a tattoo? Anyone? A small one? Maybe one you don't really want anyone else to see, or maybe a big one that you are really proud of. I have a confession, I really want a tattoo. I know I'm too old, maybe even too saggy. But I just think they are so cool!!!
What do you think of when you see a tattoo? Do you automatically try to guess what that person is like, if they have families, do they go to church? Tattoos can be a very controversial topic in church. Some people just don't think its right to have one. Some don't judge. That's what I think, who are we to judge?
Why can't we all just get along? I have a lot of cousins that have tattoos and now you can get them in lighter colored ink? That doesn't sound right but my one cousin has a heart on her foot and it is beige. I wonder if it will fade? Maybe that wouldn't be a bad choice, if you don't want it when your old and wrinkly. If you did want a tattoo, what would you get and where would you get it? And if you think they are just terrible and morally wrong. Don't comment.

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  1. Tattoos........not against them, not for them. I would love to see YOU with one....You are one of my dare devil friends!!!