Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Memories, Good, Bad, and Embarrassing

This weekend was a busy weekend, like most of them are. With 2 kids, teenagers who are both active, we don't really get a lot of down time. This weekend was not any different. My son is involved in the Hunter Safety team at his school and this weekend was the regional for that. That involves skeet shooting (trap), archery, rifle, and orienteering. I know, I didn't know what orienteering was either. I'm not really sure I spelled it right. Orienteering is a team of guys given coordinates and a compass, and they are suppose to see how close they come to a designated spot. This event usually takes all day, or 1/2 the day anyway. It starts at 8 and is usually over around 2. It depends on how many teams are entered. This particular day there were 33 teams entered. The weather was cool and sunny, which makes for a good day for shooting things. Luckily for me, some of my good friends kids participate in this also, so for me it's a day of catching up on how things are going for everyone. One of the boys on the trap teams mom was my best friend in high school, so we do a lot of laughing and cutting up while everyone else watches what goes on.
Her mom was there this year and we were talking about some of the embarrassing things we had done. She recounted a story about using the bathroom in the woods, where she didn't think anyone was, and when she pulled up her pants, it seems there was a camp for special needs going on in the area and she didn't know it. (Even my 16 year old son got a kick out of that). Needless to say she doesn't use the woods anymore. That whole conversation came up because we had to use the bathroom and the only thing available were port-a-potties. That is not a pleasant experience, so we were trying to hold it as long as possible. Then we saw someone emerge from the woods. Then the conversation started to flow. My embarrassing story was way better than that, I worked at a bank, and our offices were upstairs away from most of the traffic. We had our own little bathroom up there for us, so we didn't have to go downstairs. The ladies in the office were myself, a very good friend, and two older ladies. One was a pastors wife, the other was the office manager. One day my friend wasn't at her desk, so as I walked into the bathroom one of the stalls was shut so I assumed it was my friend. So I go into my little stall and decide to see what my friend is doing, I am having a one way conversation with her.
What ya doing?
What's wrong?
Aren't you gonna talk to me?
Are you taking a dump? You're taking a dump! You're taking a dump!
I just went on and on, laughing hysterically the whole time and she never said a word, so I left her to her shame and went back to my desk. While I was still snickering to myself about the bathroom incident, my friend came up the front steps. I immediately asked her where she had been?
Weren't you just in the bathroom?
No, I was downstairs. Uh Ooh!!
So who was in the bathroom? Take a guess,
It was the preachers wife! And she never said a word to me about it. My friend and I still laugh about it to this day. She is still in banking. I decided I better get out while I was ahead.
Once our boss came out and told us we were going to have to calm down. My friend got really offended and said he hurt her feelings. They finally had to separate us. But we still found ways to have fun.

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