Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Rambling

Well, another week has come and gone. Is it me or does time just seem to fly by? Unless of course you are at the dentist or the Dr., then time just drags on and on and on.
This weekend we are traveling for a basketball tournament. Exciting, I know. Part of me wishes we didn't have any where to go this weekend. But I do enjoy the games, actually it is kind of like a mini vacation, I don't have to cook, (we stay in a hotel, no kitchen), and we will probably eat out. Although sometimes we take picnic stuff which my kids hate, because who wants to go on a picnic with your parents. Duh!!! On one such outing my daughter made such a huge scene that I told her if she couldn't eat her sandwich with us, then she wouldn't eat anything until supper that night. She was so stubborn, she made it! I think she thought I would give in and let her eat something, but I can be just as stubborn as the next guy. We were at a state park for crying out loud just eat the freakin sandwich already! Anyhow, I'm over it now.
Hopefully I will get some good pictures at the games, I specifically chose this camera so that I could take action shots without them looking like a blur. Hopefully I will figure it out.
Maybe something really exciting or funny will happen, then I will have something worth talking about.

Have a great weekend!!