Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looky what I Got!!!

Yesterday, my lovely co-worker and myself were treated to a lunch outing for Secretary's Day!
*There is a really great story that goes with that,
being that Secretary's Day was last week, but I'll save that for another day.

Anyway, we went to the wonderful store of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It is a great store! If you need anything for a house, and I mean anything, they have it.
So I bought one of these.
The Shark Steam mop. I have been looking at the steam mops since before Christmas. After reading all the reviews, I decided to wait, because the one I was looking at was this one.
The H2O mop. Almost all of the reviews talked about the fact that it left puddles of water on the floor. And since I have hardwoods, I didn't want to ruin them so I put it off until I could try one, or get one fairly cheap so that I could just try it out to see if I liked it.
Well, needless to say as soon as I got home I decided to put that bad boy together and start mopping. So I started with my bathroom. I have linoleum floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, and hardwoods in the dining room and foyer. So I wanted to start on the linoleum to see if it left a lot of water on the floors. I even decided I should probably be barefooted so that I could really feel if there was any water being left behind.
So I did.
And Guess What?
No. Water. None, not a bit on the floor.
So, you can say that I totally love it. The only thing I don't like about it is that I wish the head were triangular like the H20, so it would get around the toilet better. But other than that it is a great mop. Today I will be mopping the kitchen and hardwoods.
I'll be glad to let you know how that turns out too.

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  1. Can't wait to hear how it does on hard wood floors!! By the way, you look great mopping in the picture above!

    From: The Lovely Co-Worker