Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sweet Babies!

While I was looking at the pictures of my Baby boy working, I came across these pictures of what he was actually working on. Those sweet babies are our pygmy goats. They are Misty, Smokey, and Sugar. They are so precious. All of this is actually part of BB's Senior project.
These 3 little goats are the new goats. We had two goats before these.
There is a lot more to taking care of goats than you might think. Not that they are difficult by any means, but there not like dogs or cats either. You have to cut their hooves, and give them supplements. Just a lot of stuff!
Now, the other two goats we had were Johnny and June, and we got these goats 2nd hand from a friend. (At least until we got the goats home anyway.) They were a good looking pair of goats, older than the ones we have now, and the main purpose we got them was for breeding. So really the older the better. Since June had not gotten pregnant before, we were hoping she would be up for the challenge. Johnny was quite possessive, he didn't like anyone getting close to June. NOT ANYONE! You might even say Johnny had a little temper problem. He didn't like authority, at all.
There were many a time when Johnny would try to head butt anyone who got near him. We had several people tell us we needed to get rid of him. And unfortunately June, who was as sweet as could be, passed away (died) during her pregnancy. We really hated to lose her, she was a sweet girl. So we saw no reason to keep Johnny around. So we tried to sell him, but we couldn't find anyone as stupid as we were so we finally just had to give him away.
The guy we gave him to was a friend of the family, who was going to give him to someone as a joke. While they were loading Johnny on the truck, he busted out the guys taillight. MEAN I say, MEAN! So anyway, he was gone. That's when we got these sweet babies. And actually Smokey looks a lot like Johnny did, but he is the sweetest of them all. Thank heavens!!
Life with animals can be a challenge sometimes.

This is one of my daughters' roosters. She is a chicken person. She loves some chickens! These were some of the first batch that she bought, we now have 3 more hens, but they are in a different pen. We get eggs on a daily basis. That is something I really like about it. For anyone who has never eaten a real chicken egg. They taste just like the ones you get at the grocery store. People ask me that. What do they taste like? Believe it or not they taste like eggs.
Anyway, just a little piece of daily life for you City folks. Ya'll come back now, ya here!!

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