Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Field Trip!!

Today I am getting ready to go here, The Biltmore House.
Please think about me, I will be spending two days with a whole slew of teenage girls.
Man, I hope we get to tour the winery! I have a feeling I will be needing that!!
Here are just a few of the rules my daughter gave me, to get me in the rind mindset I suppose.

1. You must sleep in your bra. (Really, I don't get it, we are asleep.)

2. No singing, or dancing. (This must be because I took all those professional singing and dancing lessons, I wouldn't want to show up a bunch of 14 year old girls.)

3. Don't embarrass me. ( I really thought if I did, #1 and #2, that would pretty much take care of this.)

Since she gave me some rules, I think I will give her a few rules of my own. Here they are.

1. Don't say anything if me and any more moms go to the winery.

2. Don't even TRY to sneak out of the room while I am sleeping, In my bra.

3. Sleep in your bra. HA HA!!!

We are also suppose to be going to Cherokee, and visiting a REAL Indian village. Not a fake one-a real one!! I am definitely taking pictures because I know something blog worthy will come out of that. Maybe we will be close to a casino, and I can sneak in and win a Jackpot.


  1. Can't wait to hear how your trip goes!!!!!!! Don't forget your bedtime bra!!!