Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Madness

It's Monday!
What is it about Monday's that just makes it so hard to get back into a routine again?
Baby girl was sick most of the weekend, she acted better on Sunday, went to church and youth group, but she still isn't eating very much. Meaning she only ate breakfast on Sunday and that was pretty much it for her. With all the talk about the swine flu, I was beginning to wonder if she had run off to Mexico when I wasn't looking. But I think she is getting better.
This weekend I planted two beautiful Hydrangea bushes in my garden. I love Hydrangeas!
I have a wisteria plant on an arbor that I have had for several years, and I planted them over there with that. It's other stuff there too, but that will just give you a general idea. Also, my wisteria will not bloom, I told my husband that it wasn't getting enough light and that's why it wouldn't bloom. He says that's not why. He must not have gotten the memo that I am ALWAYS right and he is almost ALWAYS wrong!
I said almost!
Anyway, all he has to do to remedy the problem is cut down a few trees. How hard is that for a manly man like himself? Not very!
So we worked all weekend planting tomato's and jalapenos and bell peppers. If this garden grows, I will have more tomato's than you can possibly imagine. I even did some of the tilling myself.
I know, you are impressed. I was pretty impressed myself.
When all the bounty comes in I'll let you know, I really want to learn how to can vegetables.
I have froze some, but I think canning might be better.
Oh well, I'll think on it.

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