Monday, April 6, 2009

The Boss

For today, I just wanted everyone to know what it's like to work for a really good person, with a lot of good qualities, and someone who genuinely cares about his employees.
Here are some of the reasons he is great.

1. He brings me drinks sometimes (and I don't have to pay
him back)

2. He lets me and my co-worker (his wife) go to lunch tog

3. He bought me a new organizer for my desk. (Well the company did) See photo.

4. On our birthdays, we always have cookouts to celebrate.

5. He always remembers Secretary's Day, usually the gift is pretty good too.
(Keep my co-worker in mind.)

6. He is easy to work with, as far as when I work, I am always able to be off when I need to be.

7. He's funny.

8. He's very considerate. (I'm not just brown nosing there either, he really is.)

9. Once I spilled my drink at my desk, and he didn't even get mad.

10. Of all the times he's made me cry, he always apologizes. He's very sincere!

11. Family is really important to him.

12. He loves Jesus.

Maybe since Easter is coming up he could find it in his heart to let my friend and me go to lunch together. Maybe even on Wednesday, if he could find it in his heart. Even if he didn't he would still be a pretty good boss.

* Here's the story, his wife, made a list of all the reasons why she loves her husband aka the boss. I left a comment that for someone who doesn't know our wonderful relationship might think me a meanie. See Love being a Nonny for the whole story.
Sorry Boss, hope this makes up for it.


  1. good try 2kaag, all the nice things you have said are nice but please forgive me I have trouble believing that you believe I am like the best boss ever. I am convinced that I am. Please don't ask all those folks that I fired or sent home crying. I think being a great boss is easy when you surround yourself with great people such as TM,BR,SL did i leave anyone out.

  2. He didn't say a word about our lunch out..................