Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Thoughts

I have been thinking a lot lately about Easter. I remember when I was growing up what a big deal Easter was at our house. We always went to sunrise service at our church, and we always, always, always had Easter baskets with chocolate bunnies in them. We usually all got new clothes for the special day. I was one of 4 kids so I am sure that was no easy task since my mom didn't really work when we were growing up.
I also remember dyeing eggs, we did it the old fashioned way where we made the dye ourselves with food coloring and vinegar. I recently saw the recipe for that on a blog. Man, those were the days. Your biggest worry was could I eat the bunny before breakfast. I remember my sister would always save her bunny, she might take a bite out of the ear, then she would stick it way back in the fridge so that we wouldn't be able to find it and eat it without her knowing it. But my brothers and myself, we were just the opposite, we would eat ours as fast as we could. Back in the day, we didn't get a lot of candy so when we did, we learned to enjoy it.

Some things seem traditional, like sunrise service. If we are at home for Easter (sometimes we go to the beach because of Spring break with friends) we always go to Sunrise service. We have missed several years because of the vacation/school thing, but this year we will be home and I am really looking forward to it. I am even thinking about dyeing eggs. I love to do stuff like that, my kids are too big (but they still want a basket, so they aren't that big). I kept kids for a while and I loved doing that kind of thing. They enjoy it so much. It's like seeing it with fresh eyes.

I think it's funny how some things stick with you like that.

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